We are a young and progressive international language school based in Prague. We offer individual language courses with native and non-native speakers in Prague and online classes for learners outside of Prague and the Czech Republic.

With us, you can do your teaching internship and develop many professional and interpersonal skills or become a part of the internal team and choose the position which suits you the best! To find out more about our activities and us click the "about us" button below, to find more about the internship opportunities go to internships.

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Friendly atmosphere, tasting traditional dishes, pleasant environment. In this spirit, we had an international evening organized with our foreign trainees. The unusual space in vintage style at the Boží Mlýn cafe in Prague 2 provided the whole atmosphere with a chamber atmosphere. The core part of the evening consisted of the presentations of...

At present, I'm working part time at Educa-Languages as a mentor and a teacher and at the same time I am preparing for the new job which I'm going to start in several days
It is quite funny, actually that I have started in Educa-Languages as an intern and I was one of the first interns - says Ksenija - and that now I am being interviewed for Educa-Languages by Educa-Languages as an ex-intern and a current employee!

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