Teaching Positions

General Requirements for Teachers

We offer internships for interns of teaching positions within Erasmus+ programme and other exchange programmes in Prague. These internships are especially good for trainee teachers and for students who study philology, translation and other fields. We enable them to try their theoretical knowledge in practice. The chosen intern will be teaching learners of different ages. It is possible to work within Educa - Languages or other educational institutions of our partners in Prague.

To become an intern you should have:

  • Fluency in a target language: as a language teacher, the intern should be fluent in the target language; C2 level or at least C1 level of CEFR;
  • Good knowledge of English: The intern must have at least B2 level of English according to CEFR for being able to communicate with the staff of Educa - Languages and other people;
  • Such personal & social skills: communicative, sociable, benevolent, tolerant, socially active, positive, energetic, self-organized, responsible, hard-working, punctual and willing to learn.

We Provide

Methodological Support:

  • Materials for teaching (students' books, workbooks, teacher's books and other materials in PDF formats) 
  • Support of the Educa - Languages team (supervision, practical tips and regular meetings, teaching workshops  & training events) 
  • Informal teachers' trainings (for interns with no teaching related education and experience or certificates attending training events is mandatory)  

General Support:

We want your internship and your stay in Prague to be as educating, as comfortable and as fun as possible! That is why we help our interns to solve all possible issues.

Where Should I Intern and What Are My Duties?

At Educa - Languages

To communicate:

It is quite simple actually! To be able to help you and make the best of your internship, you just need to communicate with us by attending the meetings, training workshops & training events and be active!

To be organized & follow the requirements:

  • On our first meeting you will receive the list of requirements and we will explain what is expected during your internship and what you can expect from us! 
  • You attend some of the training events and prepare your first lessons, course plans and you are ready to go!
  • You start teaching!
  • You come to the regular meetings and answer our e-mails.
  • You have at least one open lesson during your internship.
  • You prepare the final documents.

At Another Educational Institution

To communicate:

If your university requires you to have the teaching practice in a specific educational institution like primary school, we will find you the right place! In this case you will have a mentor from the chosen educational institution and we will only be the mediators.

To be organized & follow the requirements:

  • To communicate with your mentor from the school and solve all the teaching issues with him/her
  • To give the lessons to the specific group of learners following the schedule and the curricular of the chosen educational institution
  • To follow the recommendations and fulfill the tasks of your mentor and ask for/give the feedback
  • To prepare your final documents.

I Still Have Some Questions!


If you teach at Educa - Languages

  • Who are my students and how old are they?  Locals of different age. Our interns work with children and adults. However, we mostly work with adults and teenagers.
  • What language levels do they have? All of the students have different levels. From beginners to advanced. We often have students with A2 to B1 levels of CEFR.
  • Will I teach groups or individuals? We mostly have individual lessons but sometimes students want to have lessons in groups of 2 (with their friends or family members). 
  • How many students will I have? Not more than 10 people (if you small groups than more).
  • How many lessons should I have to work full-time? How many hours per week should I work? According to the Erasmus+ internship contract it should be full-time work of 40 hours per week. But it does not mean to have 40 lessons per week that are 1 hour long. Fulltime work as a teacher includes: preparing for the lessons, writing lesson plans, meeting the students, meeting the teachers and conducting 10 lessons per week. However, it depends on the requirements of your university and your contract. If there are no strict requirements, then we write 20 hours per week. 
  • Do you have any financial compensation, coupons or extra bonuses? As we mainly work within Erasmus+ project the intern receives a grant from the EU/University, therefore, we do not provide any financial help or extra bonuses, except a document that gives you an opportunity to obtain student discount for public transport. And of course, we do help to solve practical issues and give recommendations on any questions that may arise.

If you teach at another school


  • Do I need to come to the meetings at Educa - Languages? No, it is not necessary. You will have your own mentor at school but if you have any questions, you can contact us any time. 
  • Who prepares and signs my Learning Agreement (LA)? The receiving instituion. If you need to work at a school or a kindergarten, then they become your receiving insitution and they sign your papers.
  • How many hours and lessons should I teach? How old are my students? It all depends on your university requirements and the receiving institution. But the rule for the internship is usually the same, 40 hours per week.