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General Information

Teaching & Internal Positions at Educa - Languages

Educa - Languages provides a unique opportunity for international students seeking internships within Erasmus+ programme or other exchange programmes. We always have an offer for students from the fields of Language Teaching and Marketing (for other offers go to the internships section). We enable them to try their theoretical knowledge in practice and organize training events and meetings for extra informational and methodological support.

We make the entire process of travelling to the Czech Republic easier for our interns, we help to find the most suitable accommodation and help to get the ideal work experience a very enjoyable one. We will also guide you through the cultural and social aspects of the Czech Republic and all it has to offer to foreign students. We promise that your visit to the Czech Republic will be a most pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Educa - Languages assists you to achieve your future career goals!

Since 2015 we have welcomed 80 foreign students from 48 universities and the number is growing! The list of our partner foreign universities you can see here (redirection button to the For Partners).

General Requirement & Other Information

You need:

To know English & other languages

To have a good knowledge of English for general communication (with locals and us), a positive approach towards life, and it can be a big bonus if you have a good knowledge of any of these languages:

Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian (or other languages that are not mentioned here). Why knowing another language is a big bonus?

For internal positions, it is important for the communication and for work (writing e-mails, creating presentations and other content). English will be your working language, but if you know other languages on a high level you can do other tasks connected to advertisement and copy writing.

For teachers, if you cannot teach English or do not want to, you can teach another language instead! Do not worry if you have never taught someone before! This internship gives an opportunity to everyone who wants to learn how to teach! If you are not a language teacher/not studying a language as your major but you are a teacher, we can also find you an internship! However, you will still need to know English on a good level for general communication.

To have other skills

Other skills such as computer skills (especially for Digital internships, like marketing, photographers, WEB designers, etc.), communication skills and teaching skills are necessary for the marketing or teaching positions. Remember, it is fine to be unexperienced and do not be afraid if you have never taught or worked in the field of marketing, we will help you!

You will have:· 

Experience living and working abroad

You can ask yourself "Why is it a great idea to have an internship abroad?" and we will answer!

Firstly, any internship is a good experience and a great investment in your future career. Secondly, having it abroad means: broadening your horizons, meeting new people, finding out about different culture and discovering something new about yourself!

Secondly, living in Prague is like living in a dream! It is not only a beautiful place to visit but is also a good place to live! A few reasons for choosing Prague as your destination:

  • Even though the city is quite big, it has great public transport connections (and honestly speaking the prices for the transport are cheap!)
  • As it is located in the heart of Europe, you will have a chance to travel to nearest countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and to other countries!
  • Prague itself is great for sightseeing and for meeting people from different countries!
  • The living costs are not that high as in other EU capitals.

Many warm memories

We are very enthusiastic and friendly. Our interns are usually the same. Coming to Prague and working in Educa's team means finding new friends or at least building up new memories as there will be many places to see and many new things to try!

Personal and Professional Development

The things you will learn with us can definitely be added in your CV!

Our Interns

Finally, a few words about our interns. All of them are curious energetic and active young people who wish to develop their professional skills and other abilities. They come from various countries with different cultural backgrounds and different views on life but they all have two things in common: they all fall in love with Prague and they want to get to know themselves better (if you wish to read some references of our interns go to...)

They are fluent in English and can be described as communicative, sociable, benevolent, tolerant, socially active, positive, self-organized, responsible, hardworking, punctual and willing to learn individuals!

Does it sound like you? Then apply now, we provide internships thorough the year!

P.S. If you do not see the right position for yourself but you know how your skills and knowledge could help Educa - Languages to develop, write us! Do not give up and become better with us!

Teaching Positions

Internal Positions