Become Our Partner!

We cooperate with educational institutions in Prague and with different organizations abroad including universities, language schools and other organizations. Cooperation with our  foreign partner universities is based on the mediation of  mainly Erasmus+ internships for their students but other exchange programmes are also possible. Some of the universities require to create official bilateral agreements, and we happily provide such documents, for insuring their students with qualitative internships thorough the whole academic year. We have an excellent experience in finding the right placement for the students from the faculties of Education and Humanities, and of course we offer to work within Educa - Languages as well.

With some of our partners we work on creating new products such as teaching and self-development workshops, training events, educational programmes and other. We help each other to become better and share ideas. We are open for any interesting discussion, useful cooperation and creation of new projects. Join us, we will be happy to work with you!