Let's explore Prague

vol.  1 Prague Castle

Beautiful weather in Prague is luring everyone to go out on the streets to enjoy in outdoor activities. For us this Saturday afternoon was about exploring the Prague Castle complex, one of the most popular tourist sites in the city.
As we got there by tram, and went through main gates, first thing we saw from the distance was famous St. Vitus Cathedral - one of the most important temples in Prague. Known by its gothic architecture it is also the biggest church in Czech Republic. 

As we were moving forward on the way we saw Old Royal Palace, Rosenberg Palace and St. George's Basilica - the second church of Prague Castle, and finally, we got to one of the most interesting part- Golden Lane (picture no. 1). Zlatá ulička, as it is called in Czech language, is tiny street with colourful houses built in mannerism style at the end of 16th century. A legend says that in the Golden Lane, were living alchemists whose task was to transform metals into gold, as King Rudolf II was demanding it. This story still remains the legend, but the real fact about houses in Golden Lane is that Franz Kafka lived in house number 22, which is now turned into a small gallery/souvenir shop.

After the magnificent view that we saw by the end of Golden Lane, we returned to the entrance of the Castle to see Ceremony of changing of the Guards. This formal ceremony is happening daily on every full hour. Every day at 12:00 it includes fanfare and the flag exchange, but this time we had opportunity to see the last exchange of the day, as it was already 18h and it is still a winter season.

To end our adventure, we went to Pivnice U Sadu in which, full of impressions of the day, we enjoyed our time in trying dishes form Czech cuisine and of course, traditional Czech beverage - beer

Sara N

vol. 2  Vyšehrad  +  Farmers' Market

This time as a part of Let's explore Prague we visited Vyšehrad.

As our meeting point was next to the National Theatre (Národní Divadlo), first thing we decided to see was Farmers' Market. 

In relaxed atmosphere next to the Vltava River at Náplavka, on very popular destination, for both tourists and Prague residents, the season of famous Market has started and every Saturday you can find there: hand-made product, ceramics, goodies made from high-quality ingredients - seasonal fruits and vegetables, delicious cakes, bread, mushrooms, eggs from home-raised hens and so on. Beside the Czech cuisine on the Market it is also possible to try some exotic fruits, finger food and refreshments from other parts of the Europe and world. Usually it is full of people so it is better to come earlier to make sure that you will find what you like.After we drank our coffee and tried some of the sweets, we continued to the Vyšehrad fortress.

The path to get to the oldest seat of the Czech princes was uphill so it made it a bit hard but definitely worth it because of beautiful view of Prague. 

We passed through Vyšehrad cemetery which is one of the most significant cemeteries of Prague on which over 600 personalities of Czech culture are buried - famous composers Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, writer Božena Němcová, journalist and writer Jan Neruda, artists Alphonse Mucha, Mikoláš Aleš and other writers, scientists, actors, doctors, politicians.

At the end is situated Basilica od St. Peter and St. Paul with sound of bells from the chapter church. It was originally built at the beginning of the 11th century as a Romanesque basilica, and in 1249 it was damaged by fire and rebuilt in the Gothic and later Neo-Gothic style. By its appearance it reminded us of St. Vitus Cathedral, but in fact,it is the third largest Prague treasure, after the St. Vitus treasure and the Loreto treasure.

As the sun was still shining bright, we decided to take a stroll around the high walls, and enjoy beautiful day by walking around Vyšehrad Park.

Sara N

Prague: street food 

Street food, fot. Marta
Street food, fot. Marta

Street food sometimes can be even lifesaving, so what is in my opinion street food in Prague? You might be surprised, but it's pizza! I guess people all over the world love pizza, so this couldn't be different in Czech Republic.

Pizza everywhere!

Now you can think about it where to eat pizza? Well of course restaurants it's an option, but when you're in a hurry a slice of pizza is great idea. On every corner, you can find little shops selling slices of pizza, which is good.

Local goods

Starting with local pizza places, like one close to my flat named Klamovka. This is both window with pizza slices for 30 Kc each (it's 1/6 of big pizza) and cozy, family restaurant where you can whole pizza. I love their crusty dough and great toppings, where you can choose from margarita, salami, capriciosa or even spinach. Where you're hungry and somehow nearby try it one day.

Pizza chain

Also I like pizza chain called Pizza Company, usually located at metro stations and around bigger stops. You can grab a slice of pizza for around 30 Kc and choose between varieties of compositions. Here you also have nice and thin dough and nice, but rather oily toppings. Anyway, if you're on a hunt for some solid snack, you cannot get more in this price.

But don't be afraid of trying pizza practically everywhere, I have tried few of them and each was good. Price point is also similar, depending on location closer or further from city center, pizza slice will cost you from 25 to 45 Kc.

I hope you enjoy this post about some street food, if you're hungry for more just stay tuned and keep reading.


Prague: coffee places

Andelska cukrarna, fot. Marta
Andelska cukrarna, fot. Marta

Do you know what is almost as popular as beer in Prague? It's coffee! You can find coffee places on almost every corner. Sometimes they can be called Ovocny Svetozor or have other interesting names. On place or to go, nevertheless, Prague, is coffee heaven. So if you're interested in my favorite spots, just keep reading!

Hidden place in the heart of tourism

My very first choice was just in the heart of touristic rush and it was placed just next to Charles Bridge. It's a hidden spot, called Rosel. I like this place for couple of reasons, first it's really cozy and like I said hidden inside an old house. Second it's basement style, rather raw inside with naked walls, industrial lightbulbs and garden flowers on the tables. You can have there not only coffee and cake, but also craft beer and soup or lunch. Price point is average, my favorite flat white costs around 70 Kc and piece of cake 50 Kc. It feel like it's always full, but maybe because of limited space, it has only five tables inside. If you plan to visit it, just go to Malostranska or walk from Charles Bridge towards Prague Castle and you will easily find it.

Hipster gem in Andel

For some more hipster vibes go to Andel! If you walk a bit behind metro station you will find Kavárna co hledá jméno. Located at parking area between two blocks, this little space hides amazing interior design. If you're a fan of raw and industrial style, you will definitely fall in love with wooden elements, scratchy walls and semi- loft styled inside. And you have plenty options for coffee there, even more alternative like cold brews. For cappuccino you have to pay 65 Kc, but you can have also lemonade or some alcoholic beverages and of course cakes. This is rather popular place to be, so keep in mind that in certain hours it can be full.

Casual coffee places

Piece of advice from me, if you don't know any place around, just have a look, for sure you will find place called "cukrarna" where you can some good coffee too. Cukrarna means sweets bakery, so you can have both cake and coffee there. Isn't it double win? But if you're more into familiar brands, you can easily find Starbucks or Costa everywhere, so you don't have to worry about not having your coffee.

That's all for me, if you're interested in some places with this most important drink of the world, stay tuned for second part.


Prague: bugdet meals

Food goes perfectly with beer!, fot. Marta
Food goes perfectly with beer!, fot. Marta

Budget meals

Are you hungry? If yes, this could be useful post for you! Today I would like to tell you about my favorite and budget- friendly places, where you can get delicious and traditional meal. Just do not imagine some fancy places, we are talking about something local and daily.

In the heart of the Old Town

First and probably most famous is Havelska Koruna, which is canteen, located in the heart of Old Town. You cannot miss this place when you're walking through Old Town Square. Just let me explain how it works, because it's not the place where you walk in and grab some food. After you entrance, you receive a card with stamp and name of the place. This card is valuable, and I mean literally, charge of losing it costs 500 Kc. Then you need take you trace and stand in the line. There are four points where you can get side dishes, main course, beverage and some dessert, it all depends on what you want. Every time you ask for something, women will write down numbers that describe your food and price. After you eat you will meet women at the exit, where is the payment office. That is! Now, something about food. It's good and homemade, whole meal can either cost you around 100-150 Kc depending on what you get. Just keep it in mind that this is busy place, so you don't have time do hesitate when line leads from door to door. Staff doesn't speak English and there is a lots of tourists tours. Nevertheless, if you don't mind rush and crowd, you can get full meal in the cheapest price for that area. Highly recommend!

Hidden food gem

What about more peaceful place? No problem, just go to Vaclavskie Namiesti, right next to metro station Mustek and then walk a bit toward tram station. Behind you fill find place called "pasaz", it's like a little mall with shops inside and also some food. When you look carefully, you will find green logo of Jidelni Svetozor, which is canteen downstairs. They have daily that is translated into English, but you can point out what would you like to get. Don't expect something more than traditional Czech's cuisine which is very tasty. Here you will also get good, homemade food for great price. Vegetarian dishes are under 100 Kc and meat from 110- 160 Kc and believe me the portions are huge! Here ordering food is simple, you pick up at one place and pay in the next one. In my opinion, this Jidelnia place is so hidden that also feels a bit more chilling and local.

Yellow Boulevard

My last but still tasteful proposal is something that you can get almost on every corner. Bageterie Boulevard- yellow and black logos situated all over the Prague. This place is very popular franchise with baguettes. You can have a fresh baguette with multiple stuffing or baked ones. This fast food is also budget friendly, because most of sandwiches are under 100 Kc! Great deal when you're hungry, but when you're starving then you can have baguette on the menu. Menu includes potatoes and homemade iced tea as if for extra 30- 40 Kc. Main rule of this place is that you will get your food within 5 minutes and it works, I have never waited more. Baguettes are delicious, I have to admit that bread is fine, fulfilling and stuffing goes with lots of creamy sauce.

That's it for today, small but inspiring portion of food places. Next time I will tell you about more restaurants that are worth to visit. Stay tuned for part 2!


Prague: parks

La Grotta in Havlicek Gardens, fot. Marta
La Grotta in Havlicek Gardens, fot. Marta

Autumn is the best time of year for walks and where could be a better place than in park. Surprisingly Prague it is green city with many green spaces within the center. If you're looking for a place to walk, sit down and read or simply take a breath and relax, here you have some of proposals.

Letna Park

This would be the first of my thoughts. Big area located by the river, on a hill with majestic views for city center. In Letna you can walk longer ways and combine it with sightseeing. You have a Metronome, Expo 58, Letna Summer Castle. You can skate there, run, walk your dog or have a beer in Beer Gardens. Multiple purposes and it's so close to center.

Useful tip: How to get there? You can take a tram 17 from the center and go to Cechuv Most. Or you can from the other side by tram 8 and get off at Letenske Namesti.

Havlicek Gardens

This garden combined with vineyard is located in district Vinohrady and sometimes it's called Grebovka. I love this place for two reasons, first is that you can a viewpoint there, second you can find beautiful pseudo- renaissance spot La Grotta. This is Rome styled grotto and fountain, where you can sit and relax, but you can take a romantic photo shoot. If you're lucky enough you can see street artist practicing there. Beside that you have nice paths down and uphill and little lake fith fishes and ducks. Of course if you'd like to have a drink or coffee, there is a small café with arbour where you can see vineyards and part of Prague.

Useful tip: How to get there? You can choose green line of metro (line A), get off on Namesti Miru, and then walk about 15 minutes. You can take a tram and get off on Nadrazi Vrsovice.

Vitkov Hill

I have discovered this place recently, main attraction is museum and enormous monument, Narodni Pamatka, but around is great park area with view. So if you like, to admire Zizkov and Karlin from above you should go there. It's closer than I thought and it's worth it to climb there. Part of the way it takes stairs and part paths. You can sit on a bench at the begging and admire railway and trains going from and to Prague. But from the place around monument you can see much more! This place is great for everyone families, couples, singles. You can sit there and relax or enjoy a perfect autumn moments.

Useful tips: How get there? Basically every mean of transport that goes to Florenc Bus Station, because Vitkov is located behind it. You can take some bus and get off on Narodni Pamatka.

That's it from me, this was the first part of my favorite parks in Prague, but since it's there much more, stay tuned for part 2!


One-day trip: Karlovy Vary

Mill Colonnade, fot. Marta
Mill Colonnade, fot. Marta

If you feel bored of Prague or you just like to explore some of Czech Republic, here you have another inspiration for one-day trip. Why is worth it to go to Karlovy Vary? Simply, because it's two hours away from the capital and this unique place have astonishing architecture and hot spring inside the town! If you feel temped, then keep reading.

Useful tip: How to get there? You can use one of the bus lines, like for example Flixbus. During the weekend it could be all full, so remember to book tickets earlier. If you plan your trip during the week, this shouldn't be a problem. Route takes about hours and the bus station is at Florenc (metro A, yellow line). Ticket costs around 150 Kc, but if you're a student with valid ISIC card you can go literally for 40 Kc!

First steps in the town

If you take a bus, you will get at Karlovy Vary Terminal, which is the main bus station there, near to the heart for town. You need you go upstairs and cross the street and you will see wide sidewalk full of shops and restaurants. You should follow this exact street. In the distance around 200 meters on your right is Tourist Information where you can get free city map and some tips. Frankly, all of colonnades are located close to each other and you can reach them within 5 up to 15 minutes of walk. So as you can see it's perfect place for rather lazy sightseeing and relax.

Sightseeing time!

First what you can see during your walk from Terminal is big white building in pseudo- baroque style, called Elizabeth Baths, which is a SPA complex. This place is surrounded by beautiful garden with palm trees!

If you walk along Tepla River, your next stop will be Hotel Termal, which is probably the highest building in Karlovy Vary famous for hosting important film festival. Keep walking into park nearby you will get to arbour with springs. This is the place where you can buy your own cup and enjoy tasting healing waters of resort.

Town of collonades

Going straight next on your way will be impressive pseud- renaissance colonnade Mill Colonnade with greek style columns and palms everywhere. This is the place where you can find four different springs and drink them aside the river. Next on you will reach Market Colonnade which is my favorite of all. This amazingly detailed wooden arbour is made in Swiss style and it is the oldest bath in the town. This construction appears as otherworldly with its spotless white inside and outside. You just have to experience yourself how beautiful it is.

But the main pearl is just few meters further and I am talking about actual geyser in the town center! You can see geyser that gushes to a height to a couple of meters and steam that comes out of channel next to it. This, in my opinion, it one of the must- see there.

Panoramic view

If you would like to see some panorama of the whole city just keep going by the river and at the crossroad go a bit right. Hidden street leads to funicular, which takes you to Diana, an overlook tower. Ticket both ways costs around 140 Kc and the car goes every 15 minutes. If you prefer you can hike to the hill at least two different routes. The tower is free of charge and it has a lift, so you don't need to take a stairs. From the top, you have view to Karlovy Vary and the whole neighborhood.

Useful tip: While being in Karlovy Vary don't forget to try something local like Lazensky Oplatek, which is thin waffle with filling in many tastes like coconut, chocolate or hazelnut. It's very sweet and delicious and it costs like 10 Kc for piece.

That's all I can say about Karlovy Vary and reasons why to visit it. I find it perfect for one-day trip, because it's pretty close to Prague and because of it coziness you can reach almost all of the attractions within couple of hours. You have plenty places to walk and rest and if the weather is good you can enjoy every minute in this SPA resort.


Prague: cemetery

Cemetery on Vysehrad, fot. Marta
Cemetery on Vysehrad, fot. Marta

Spooky, but valuable

Cemetery could sound like odd place to visit, but maybe it's time of the year or maybe it's a matter of preferences. I find cemeteries as specific places, which are mysterious and thoughtful at the same time. Maybe they have never been my main destination to travel to, but definitely, I always try to visit some old cemeteries while I'm sightseeing. If you're looking for some inspiration tho, keep reading!

Gaves of honored

First of all monumental and cryptic cemetery in Vysehrad with beautiful preserved family graves. This cemetery of Church of St. Peter and Paul is the most famous one in whole Prague, because of buried more than 600 famous people. You can admire detailed arcade with paintings, sculpture, and walk through paths with a mass- tombs. Entrance is free and I recommend you to visit this place during being in Vysehrad.

Calm graveyard near metro

Second, is small cemetery near metro station Andel. I couldn't find more information about this place but it's quiet and intimate place, you probably will not see other tourist there. I discovered it while walking around Andel metro station, because it's one tram stop further at Bertramka. This cemetery looks like a park; there are benches, lots of greenery and ivy among graves. I noticed there mainly German graves from around 18th century, which are still being renewed. I enjoyed this peaceful atmosphere and quiet entrenched by the high wall, which isolated cemetery from rush street.

Useful tip: How to get there? You can go by metro line B and get off on Andel, then take a tram from stop in front of Novy Smichov and go one stop to Bertramka. Cemetery is right behind stop shelter.

Top 10 by National Geographic

This were only two places I have visited so far, but on list is still Old Jewish Cemetery, because of being one of the top 10 graveyard's to see by National Geographic. Of course, I also appreciate other, smaller and not so famous cemeteries.


Where to: buy souvenirs?

Smaltum, fot. Marta
Smaltum, fot. Marta

So I want a souvenir

Souvenirs for some people may appear as something useless, childish or needless, for them they're just an items. But for me souvenirs are like pieces of experience and places where I've been to. That's is why in this post I would like to introduce you two places where, in my opinion, you can buy unique and quality things for yourself or friends or family. Just keep reading!

Where to go?

I found two places with peaceful atmosphere and very eye-catching items. One of them is Smaltum, it's not only shop but also workshop place, where you can paint your own mugs! How cool is that? So, this can be great spot for those who are having visitors and want to provide them entertainment and customized gifts from Prague. I liked this place due to handmade items, variety of patterns connected with city spirit and reasonable places. For example, cup with Prague theme drawing you can buy for around 150 Kc, and painted keyring for 99 Kc. I found that it's fair price for originally Czech's souvenirs located in the heart of the city.

Useful tip: How to get there? If you're walking from Charles Bridge towards Prague Castle you should go straight to the St. Nicolas Church and then turn left. If you walk like three minutes, you will see on your left store window with yellow frames. This is the place; you're there J If you're taking a tram the closest train stop will be Hellichova or Malostranske namesti.

But first, cool design

For fans of art and designed, my second proposal is concept store Pragtique just right next to Charles Bridge. This souvenir shop offers products designed by local artist who draws inspiration from vibes of Prague. This shop combines boutique quality with Prague's theme patterns. You can find there T-Shirts, mugs, bags, keyrings and much more. Price range is higher, for example, keyring costs around 175 Kc, but for esthetes and modern arts lovers I think this is the best proposal.

Useful tip: How to get there? Leave Charles Bridge and walk straight around three minutes' place you're heading to is on the right. And if you're tired or need coffee next to Pragtique in the same building, there is a hidden coffee and cake place called Roesel. I highly recommend you to come and sit there, because it's calm and cozy place with simple interior and nice prices.

That's all for me. I hope you will find some great items for you!


Prague: viewpoints

Letna Park view, fot. Marta
Letna Park view, fot. Marta

Good news for fans of viewpoints! Prague is well known from its easy to reach spots with panoramic view on almost whole city and most of them are for free. So if you'd like to visit some of them then charge your batteries and keep reading.

Prague Castle view

Starting with most recognizable, this could be tower in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague's Castle. I recommend you to visit the castle, because of breathtaking architecture and amazing royal gardens. When you're there you can entrance this nearly 100 meters tower and admire panoramic view at whole center. Just be aware that you have to take a stairs and it's almost 280 steps to get there, so better brace yourself and prepare comfortable shoes. Along the way, you can see cathedral bells and entrance fee is 150 Kc.

Useful tip: How to get there? You can reach Prague Castle from metro line A and get off at Malostranska.

Around Strahov district

Another spot worth to visit is Strahov Monastery and whole region of Petrin's Park. This place is like outside of the city, but is a strict center. You can feel like in your grandparent's garden with lots of apple and pears trees, just that here you can get marvelous view at Old City. This calmly place is great for walks, chilling and romantic dates almost for every outdoor activity and it's all for free.

Vysehrad wall

Have you heard about Vysehrad? If yes, this is another spot with amazing views and lots of path to walk around. Vysehrad complex is located a bit from city center at opposite side of Vltava River than castle or Strahov. Vysehrad is hill fort with giant park area, church, cemetery and casemates. What is more important for me this is a place with great view from the wall, where you can observe northern and eastern part of Prague.

Useful tip: How to get there? You can take line C and get off on Vysehrad.

Dancing House terrace

I couldn't pass over Dancing House and its view from 7th floor terrace. To get there you can either pay 100 Kc for entrance or buy something in coffee place and enjoy your view from the heart of the city. I like to take cappuccino for 69 Kc and sit outside on the couch. Unfortunately, this place is usually crowded, so it's hard to enjoy your view and have a coffee in peace. No matter what time you're there probably you will see tourist with camera who are trying to get the best picture.

Park view- Letna

Lastly, you can go to Letna Park, not only a beautiful walking area, but also place with a couple attractions, such as Metronome and Expo 58. Letna Park is my biggest discover of the month! Almost on every step, you can admire stunning view at Vltava River, bridges and main center of Prague. You do not have to pay for anything and just enjoy your time in this nature field. If you walk a bit and you feel, tired you can step into Letna Beer Garden, which is an open-air beer place and also have astonishing views.

This is just few places I've been and I can recommend, but you have to believe me there is much more! For example Petrin Tower, Zizkov Tower, Grebovka Park and many, many places I'm planning to visit. So stay tuned for part 2.


One day trip: Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora panorama, fot. Marta
Kutna Hora panorama, fot. Marta

Let's start!

If you feel familiar with Prague and it miracles, it is a time to explore more than just this agglomeration. Czech Republic is known for its variety of small towns and cities that are more than worth to visit. You have multiple choices between directions and what is best pretty much of them are located within two hours by train. One of them is Kutna Hora, a little town with amazing sanctuary complex, which is situated just fifty minutes away from the capital. So if you're ready to leave this big city life and experience some cozy and picturesque place, just keep reading! 

Useful tip: How to get there? By train from Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Railway Station) since it goes every hour just choose the best time for yourself. The provider is Ceskie Drahy and there is no need to book tickets earlier. If you're a student under 26 with ISIC card you can have a discount. Also if you're travelling as a group you can have discount too. I recommend you to buy return tickets since it's a bit cheaper.

Kutna Hora navigation

Once you get to Kutna Hora you can follow the signs and maps which are located at train station. From station to the first tourist attraction is around 10-15 minutes of walk and don't be afraid of walking it's actually the best way to reach first of three sanctuaries.

If you take this path, you will get to Kostnice Sedlec (Bone Chapel) which is a little chapel with interior filled with bones and skulls of over 40,000 victims of plague and wars. This strange and shocking place is combination of two styles: baroque and gothic. Bone Chapel is unique relic and nowadays is as a memorial about life and death.

Useful tip: If you're planning to visit a whole complex you can buy one ticket for them all and save some money. One student ticket for whole complex costs 155 kc.

Next to Kostnice Sedlec you will find Cathedral of Assumption of our Lady and St. John The Baptist which part of UNESCO heritage. Inside you can find Bohemian vault, which seems to be unique in the world. Whole building claims to be a monumental combination of gothic style with German architecture.

Last stop is St. Barbara Cathedral with its beautiful architecture and amazing interior and one of the UNESCO monumental. Combination of styles and refined architecture's details are impressive. From the ground floor, you can admire incrusted altars and stain glass windows. Upper you can for admire arches and remarkable ceiling and there is a small balcony, so that you can see a panorama of the city. I highly recommend this place, it's more than just a church, it's a piece of great art.

Other attractions

Of course around center of Kutna Hora you can find much more interesting places, such as: Gallery of Central Bohemian Region or Hradek- Czech Museum of Silver or Stone Fountain. In addition, if you feel hungry, definitely visit fine Dacicky restaurant with traditional Czech cuisine and feast inside.

That's all what I can tell you about one day trip in Kutna Hora. If you're interested in more places check them on official website of Kutna Hora or just grab a map and explore it yourself. If don't feel sure about visiting this city just take a look at this panoramic view and fairy- tale nature. 


From Prague to Berlin

Three days trip to Berlin

Because of its central position, Prague is well-connected with other European capital cities and countries, so it makes it easier for a lot of students to travel and explore popular tourist destinations.

The destination that we decided to visit this time was - Berlin.
Two capitals are around 350 km away from each other so the journey took 4 and a half hours by bus.

As it was still the winter period we started our trip from Prague early in the morning to have as much of the sunlight as we can have for exploring Berlin.

When we got there, we needed some time to understand the transportation system and which metro will take us to our hotel.
Here is one tip : Always buy the transportation ticket! If you don't have ticket the fine can cost you around 60€ and, as in Prague, in Berlin - they are really strict about it!

There are tickets for 30 mins, 90 mins, 1 day ticket, 7 days ticket or group tickets for up to 5 persons and they are valid for
S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams and buses. For our staying of three days, and using a lot of transportation we decided to take each day daily ticket. As we stayed there only for three days, it helped us a lot to get really fast from one to another destinations so we manage to visit everything from the list.

First on the list was magnificent Charlottenburg Palace - once a royal summer residence, today Berlin's largest and oldest existing palace in rococo style. 
Even though we wanted to walk all around Berlin, the weather wasn't on our side. So we decided to go to DDR Museum. It is an interactive museum in which provides unique experience of everyday life in the former East Germany. The museum covered a range of topics such as everyday life, politics, sport, holidays, culture, the Berlin Wall and much more. The visitors are able to touch, play, drive the car, and basically interact to get full understanding of the past. The most interesting part is reconstruction of the rooms, either house rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen or public places as offices, prisons etc. to the smallest details. We also got the chance to ride the TRABI car, which was very challenging and amusing thing to do. 

Right next to the DDR museum there is Berliner Dom - Berlin Cathedral, which is located on Museum Island and by night it looks really special.

From the distance we saw Berlin TV tower, which, in fact, is really easy to see from all the sides of Berlin because of its heights of 250m.

After a bit of walking around, we went to Potsdamer Platz to visit famous film festival Berlinale.

Second day we decided to start with visiting The East-Side Gallery, the longest surviving section of interesting, famous graffiti of the Berlin Wall. In the history Berlin Wall was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. The Wall cut off West Berlin from all the surrounding East Germany and East Berlin until government officially opened it in November 1989. This year it will be 30 years of fall of the Berlin Wall, and even important for its historical role, today most of the tourists are visiting because of the graffiti. Berlin is known by its street art which is visible at almost every corner of the city.

Later on we visited :

Checkpoint Charlie - former board crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War (1947-1990).

Reichstag - Neo- Renaissance building that is the seating of the Bundestag, the lower house of Germany's national legislature.

Brandenburger Tor- 18th century neoclassical monument, one of the best known landmarks of Germany with over 200 years of history. A symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is now a national symbol of peace and unity.

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe - memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust designed by architect Peter Eisenman. On a site covering 19,000 square metres, are placed 2711 concrete slabs of different heights. The interesting part of it that the abstractness which is manifested in uneven concrete floor that gives many visitor a moment of uncertainty.

For the last day, we let the Berlin lead us, so we walked around Alexanderplatz, Marx-Engels Platz and Museum Island. At the end there were some time left for shopping of souvenirs - to bring piece of the memories from Berlin back home with us :)

Sara N

Living in Prague

What to know about Prague to enjoy it. 

Italian night


Within the project : "International Evenings" our interns are going to show us part of their culture through presentations, movies and most delicious part - cuisine.
First event in a row was - Italian night (02.04.2019). Starting with the presentation about Secret Italy, the audience was introduced to less-known/hidden but really interesting...

Last Sunday we decided to join the TRASH HERO PRAGUE in 47th action of cleaning up the neighborhoods of Prague.
TRASH HERO is international, ecological volunteer project in which everyone is welcome to join and do something good for our environment. Volunteers act all over the world with a mission to bring communities together to clean and reduce...