Teaching Workshops & Training Events

As a teacher in Educa - Languages whether you are an inexperienced teacher or have taught before there will be some training events that you will have to attend as a part of your internship supervision and some will stay optional. Usually the training events do not last more than 2 hours but some can be longer (or shorter) depending on the content and number of people attending the training. Currently we require our interns to attend only 2 training events/teaching workshops:

  • Starting at Educa - Languages (a training event as a guide through the internship, help with documents, guide to the online library and  some tips for teaching first lessons +  some pieces of advice on how to spend time in Prague in the best way)
  • Teaching Basics  (a teaching workshop with everything you need to know about teaching when you need to start now)

We also have semi-obligatory teaching workshops that our interns need to attend depending on the learners they have at the moment such as Teaching Young Learners and English for Business: Simple Solutions.

All of our workshops and training event happen in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We try to foster them to be as active as possible and engage eliciting. The interns are treated to drinks and snacks during the meetings, and are always welcome to have individual consultations via Skype or face-to-face if needed. 

We are currently working on new workshops and training events with to improve our work and help you learn!