112 - Universal Emergency Number This number works across the European Union (and consequently also in the Czech Republic), Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. On it you can reach the police, fire or medical service.

Most phones allow you to dial the number 112 even with a locked keyboard; however in older models you will probably need a SIM card to make the call.If possible, it is advisable to use the phone numbers bellow, as you will be connected directly with medical workers, fire fighters or police officers. When calling 112, the operator first has to find out details about your situation and after assessing it he/she will put you through to them. So dialling 155, 150, 158, or 156 is faster.

155 - Emergency Medical Service

In case of serious and unexpected injury or different acute health problems, call the number 155. The medical emergency operator is a qualified health care professional and will advise how to deal with the situation before specialized help arrives.
To speed up things as best as possible, it is necessary to give the exact description of the place where you are.

How to easily remember the number. Imagine the last digit (five) of this number as a wheelchair, used by emergency medical services for transportation of infirm people.

150 - Fire Service

The number 150 is used for reporting fires, natural disasters, crashes and accidents. Simply, such situations requiring rescue and elimination activities, such as extinguishing fires, extrication, disposal of hazardous substances, etc.How to easily remember the number. Imagine the zero at the end of the three-digit number as a coiled fire hose.

158 - Police of the Czech Republic

Dial the number 158 if you have witnessed a crime, a serious traffic accident that needs to be investigated, or if it is necessary to ensure safety or in general to prevent disturbance of public order.

How to easily remember the number. You may have noticed that the digit eight at the end of this number resembles police handcuffs, so just remember that.

156 - Municipal Police

You can call the municipal police if you have witnessed a smaller offence which could be for example a disturbance (i.e. noise) in night-time hours (which apply from 10 o'clock at night to 6 o'clock in the morning, the violation of such can carry a fine of up to CZK 5,000 (€ 185, USD 205, CNY 1,355 RUB 13,590).

Foreign missions, consulates, embassies

In the event of serious problems, such as the loss of documents, you should contact your country's embassy. In the Czech Republic they are mostly located in Prague. For the list of these offices go to this link.