My Story at Educa - Languages


Alice's Story as an Intern at Educa - Languages.

I was in my last year of university and therefore on my last occasion to be able to participate in the Erasmus + program, which would allow me to do an internship abroad and then a new work experience to be able to put my studies into practice. For these reasons I decided to apply for the program at my university and ... I won the scholarship!

Now there was nothing left to do but decide where to go and, above all, look for a place that could host my internship. I must admit that at first I was a bit confused and didn't know how to move. I wrote to many companies but nothing, someone did not even answer my mails.

Then I found the site, where many of the many offers came from Prague. Many of my friends had told me it was a beautiful city. So I said to myself "Why not? Go to Prague!". Many interesting offers, but among many others that of Educa - Languages, to which I wrote immediately.

Lenka's response to my proposal was immediate and positive. If I remember correctly within a few hours she said she was thrilled to be able to host a marketing graduate. And so, with the practices for the project ready and once the master degree exam was taken, I left for Prague.

A magical city, too beautiful to be true. A metropolis surrounded by the ancient charm of its towers and its infinite bridges. An impeccable public transport service, parks everywhere and lots of fun for the younger ones.

In Educa I found a wonderful team of people, prepared and friendly, always ready to help anyone in need. I love what I am doing because it allows me to test myself on the skills acquired in my course of study.

In the school I take care of the marketing section. At the moment I'm taking care of the web site, a very stimulating role, but I have also dealt with customer analysis and soon much more. In short, I can't but be satisfied with my choice, both of a city as energetic as Prague and of the Educa as the seat of my training, within which I am sure to grow both professionally and humanly.

Still there? Make the right choice and join the Educa - Languages team!