International evening 10.8.2018


Friendly atmosphere, tasting traditional dishes, pleasant environment. In this spirit, we had an international evening organized with our foreign trainees. The unusual space in vintage style at the Boží Mlýn cafe in Prague 2 provided the whole atmosphere with a chamber atmosphere. The core part of the evening consisted of the presentations of foreign students about the natural beauties and traditional cultural customs of their native lands. We could listen to the traditional music. Everyone could get to know more about countries such as Venezuela, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain and Slovakia.

Tasting traditional dishes prepared by our traineesn ended our evening. We could taste Slovak halušky, parenica, Ukrainian borscht or Venezuelan drink Papelón con Limón. A huge success was gathered by the Ukrainian borsch from our trainee Olha, who had prepared it for the first time. In addition to tasting traditional meals, guests themselves had the opportunity to develop their communication skills through interviews with trainees.

Thank you for the successful event, the abundant participation and we are looking forward to continuing.