Internship in “the City of a Hundred Spires”


Sara's story

Prague is an amazing city in which anyone can find their own dimension and change it whenever they like. 

At the age of 14 I visited Prague for the first time. The elegant and colourful buildings, the majestic castle, the Gothic spires as well as the winding alleys made me feel like I was in a fairy tale. I was so astonished by the magical beauty of Prague that I said to myself "I have to come back to this city again" and I kept the promise. 

Living in Prague

In other words, it was love at first sight. Prague is an amazing city in which anyone can find their own dimension and change it whenever they like.

Every day can be different from the day before, since this city provides people with countless opportunities of any kind. As soon as I moved here, for instance, I started a Flamenco course -i.e. a folkloric dance originating in southern Spain- and still I find it hard to believe!

Also, I was given the chance to work as a voice over... which was absolutely new to me! This wade range of opportunities inevitably raises the chances of professional development and this makes Prague extremely motivating.

On the other hand, despite being a lively and exciting capital, Prague does not prevent people from enjoying their own daily routine in the comfort -unlike many other bustling cities in Europe!-. Each neighbourhood in fact has its own reality and people can live in quiet, away from tourist crowds and from the bustle of the city centre.

Another incredible feature of "the City of a Hundred Spires" is the extraordinary combination between its ancients traditions and its incomparable modernity. In fact, despite being a city at the forefront, from several points of view, its old and local traditions are kept alive and this unusual pair makes Prague unique.

Differences form home town/here

My hometown is a small village in the heart of Italy, thus it goes without saying that it is totally different from Prague! However, I managed to spot some common aspects between these two realities, that make me feel at home.
An aspect of Prague that makes me feel at home is its authenticity. Although its popularity among tourist destinations, Prague keeps surprisingly genuine and this affects several aspects.
For instance, despite the melting pot of cultures from all over the world, the Czech culinary tradition still is strongly alive in Prague: even in popular and touristic areas, one can taste local and traditional food and this tendency intensifies when travelling around small towns nearby.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning is that, despite its multicultural population, it is
really easy to meet local people and hang out with them, contrary to what is happening in other metropolises.

As a consequence of that, although everyone can speak English, čeština is still a massive language and covers the majority of the interactions.

Favourite place in Prague

My favourite spot in Prague is, without a doubt, Vyšehrad. The cathedral is located on a peaceful hill close to the Vltava river and it is perfect for those who want to escape the tourist crowds of the Old Town. Its magnificent architecture and the cemetery around make this place extremely suggestive and the atmosphere magical. Also it is possible to have a breathtaking view of the whole city from one of the balconies.

About internship

I advertised the position as intern at Educa Languages on Erasmus Intern website. I had been looking for an internship for so long and finally I found it!

At the beginning I was a bit scared: I did not have any previous experience and for the first time I had to practise what I had been studying until then. At the same time that made me feel really excited, because I felt I needed to prove myself and to test my competence and this was a great opportunity to do so. Despite being a little bit apprehensive, the first lessons were rewarding and the students and I immediately got along really well.

Personally, I reckon that teaching to children might be a little bit more difficult than teaching to adults, since their commitment is different as well as their linguistic awareness. However, the youngest students I was given so far were brilliant and always involved by the lesson and this made my work easier and rewarding.