Italian night


Within the project : "International Evenings" our interns are going to show us part of their culture through presentations, movies and most delicious part - cuisine.
First event in a row was - Italian night (02.04.2019). Starting with the presentation about Secret Italy, the audience was introduced to less-known/hidden but really interesting destinations in Italy such as: Riviera del Conero (Marche), Noto (Sicilia), Matera (Basilicata), Valle di Braies (Trentino Alto-adige)... that are definitely worth visiting.
Following presentation was about Italian architecture (Colosseum - Rome, San Marco Cathedral - Venice, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore - Florence, Leaning Tower of Pisa...), literature (Dante Alighieri, Alessandro Manzoni), music (Antonio Vivaldi, Giueseppe Verdi, Luciano Pavarotti..), cinema (Federico Felini, Sergio Leone, Sofia Loren..) and food.  

After seeing all the photos of delicious food such as: lasagna, parmigiana, various types of pizza and pasta, panetone, padoro, arancini and others, we had opportunity to try pieces of mentioned dishes. There were bruchette with mozzarella, grissini and pizza.
After tasting the food, we learned famous phrases and gestures that are very important for understanding Italian communication style.
With last presentation about Nord and South, and their differences we got a little intro to the film "Benvenuti al Sud" that we watched for the end of Italian night. "Welcome to the South" "Benvenuti al Sud" (2010). is an Italian comedy directed by Luca Miniero, that through the story of postal worker that dreams about being transferred to Milan (North) instead gets the transfer to the Naples (South) for two years is actually showing all the stereotypes and differences that are dividing North and South od Italy. On his adventure he meets a lot of people, gets to know better mentality and tradition. By time his perception is changing and at the and he approves the one : "When you come to the South you cry twice - when you arrive and when you leave."

Sara N