The Story of Olga. From Trainee to Mentor


At present, I'm working part time at Educa-Languages as a mentor and a teacher and at the same time I am preparing for the new job which I'm going to start in several days 

I have never planned to be a teacher. I've always loved foreign languages and wanted to learn as many of them as possible. In order to master the two languages that I learnt at my high school(English and French), I decided to study Applied Linguistics, but still rejected the option of being afuture teacher. I wanted to translate.During my last grade of studies, I started thinking of Prague as my future home - not only because itwas always the most beautiful European city for me, but also due to some personal reasons. Myboyfriend decided to do his PhD at Charles University, so it seemed that we would spend a couple ofyears in Prague. At the same time, I was dreaming about an Erasmus+ exchange - I spent onesemester in France as a student of University of Lorraine, but I also wanted to do an internship withinErasmus+ program. And then I got this brilliant idea - how about Erasmus+ internship in Prague? I setup an account on right away and started looking for offers. After several hours, I got a message from Lenka - she was offering me a teacher position at Educa-Languages. 

At first, I gota bit scared - I didn't have any background in teaching! But after that, I said "why not! Maybe it'stime to get some new experience!" I didn't regret my choice.I was teaching English for 6 months at Educa-Languages. Thanks to the fact that each lesson tookplace at a location chosen by a given student, I got to know the city well very quickly. After just two weeks in a totally foreign place, I felt at home! My students were great - they had a lot of motivationto learn the language, but they also were interested in the Polish culture, so I was happy to share itwith them.At present, I'm preparing for the new job which I'm going to start in several days. I'm going to be atranslator in one of the companies in Prague. However, I'm no longer saying 'no' to teaching - the experience that I acquired thanks to Educa-Languages inspired me so much that I would be happy to get back on this career path someday in the future!

So what else can I say? Come to Prague and discover yourself!