EDUCA at the International Pedagogic Conference


"Education. Dialogue in the Name of the Future" was the three days International Pedagogic Conference which was held in Riga and Stockholm from the 7th ot 9th of April 2018.

Educa protagonist of the event.

The conference topic "Innovation and Creativity" had reminded us that creative ideas and solutions are used in our language school practically every day and it became an impetus for taking part in the conference and making the report "A Creative Approach for Making an Educational Environment for Young Specialists in a Language School Educa - Languages". Educa - Languages are proud to share with everyone that our project manager and instructional coordinator Ksenija Košeleva participated in the international pedagogic conference in Riga and Stockholm in April 2018 and explained what it is to be a teacher and an intern in Educa - Languages.

The conference took place on a cruise ship called Tallink and not only did it bring together many people of different professions and working positions from multiple countries but it also brought everyone to a wonderful city of Sweden, Stockholm. Tallink became a platform for sharing experiences and ideas, a fantastic place to meet teachers, lecturers, professors, psychologists, directors of schools and languages schools and other professionals from different parts of the world such as Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia, Russia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and other countries!

The conference lasted for 3 days and included presentations, workshops and a meeting with publishers. It was something that our team expected but we were quite surprised when a lecturer from Vilnius University and a director of a centre of fast-learning "Genius Learning", Svetlana Markova asked to make a short video interview with Ksenija for promoting the opportunities that Educa - Languages gives to the university students.

After the conference Ksenija shared with us what it was like to be on the international pedagogic conference:

To be honest, I was quite nervous to present Educa - Languages as it was my first time presenting on a conference and the fact that it was on an international level with so many experienced teachers didn't make it easier!

But after being together for so many hours and playing games on the workshop Gaming technology and gamification in INTEROBRAZOVANIE 2035 it became less stressful. I was very pleased to meet so many interesting people, to listen to their presentations and life stories. I hope that we will stay in touch with most of them and perhaps become partners!

Thanks to the conference, Educa - Languages has a new partner, the association CREADAS and are looking forward for making new partnerships!