Interns' References


Our interns' references and their experiences of being a part of Educa - Languages!


Gazi Univerzity, Turkey

"I did my internship at B-english thanks to Lenka. It was amazing. I experienced a lot of things. It was my first abroad experience and it gave me the oppurtunity to discover a new culture and spend time with children. Wasnt ıt tiring? Of course,it was! However,that the children made me laugh was priceless.As the days passed,ı felt that ıt would be very hard to return.ı made unforgottable friends. Everything was perfect. The last day ı was in tears. I am sure that ı will go to Czech Republic again sooner or later. Thank you!"


Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University,Turkey

"Educa-Languages provides great experiences for teaching. You have chance to practice the things that you learn and at the same time you have Czech friends. You have chance to live in amazing Prague and while turning back, you wish it never finished. So you are thinking about internship don´t hesitate just apply. Great memories and experiences are waiting for you!"


Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University,Turkey

"Educa-Languages was a great experience for me. They really helped me about everything like accommodation , my students etc. I strongly recommend Educa-Languages . Especially Lenka is a great person she is very helpful :)


University of Siena, Italy

"My experience in Prague was wonderful, for me it was the first time outside my country for a long time and, at the beginning , I was afraid, but after a few days I started to love the city and the people I met. I started teaching Italian language at Lingua Nostra and I challenged myself in order to become stronger and self-confident . Now I am a better person and a more suitable worker and I am sure that Prague offers a lot of opportunities for people and it also encourage an open-minded viewpoint, everything in one of the most astonishing city of the world."


Teacher - English and Spanish

"It has been, in fact, one of the most fastantic adventures that I have ever experienced. It was a new world that you do not know anything about, but suddenly, you had to arrive to different homes, to teach a different language that the student did not know, and to demonstrate what could you do for them to help them. My experience first was like: 'Oh my god, where I am, what I am doing here!?' but the thing is that by doing this, you had the chance to moving around the city and to know Czech costumes anf life. Moreover, not only your students learned from you but also you learned from them, and is then, when you grow up as a person and teacher.Lastly, the experience with children was very nice. It was really worthy and you ended up taking them affection. Also, the fact that that children learned from and with you was an amazing feeling since you had the power to give them new knowledge. In general, is one of the best experiences that I have had in all my life."


University of Athens, Greece

"I am very grateful for this experience to Educa and Mrs Lenka at first who chose me and to Mrs Silva and Landie school who helped me through everyhting. I was very scared at first because I would have to teach for the first time and in a country that I don't speak their language, but now I am having a great time and I am becoming part of this school."


Polonia University, Poland

"First of all, Educa-Languages is based in Prague. After being there for 3 months, I can say that this city is definitely worth visiting. You do your internship and relax at the same time, believe me ;) Secondly, Educa-Languages is a great team which becomes your family. Of course, it's hard to get used to a new city, new people and of course Czech language for the first time, but if you want to experience something new - Educa-Languages is for you. Don't hesitate!"


University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland

"Thanks to the internship, not only have I discovered good practices when it comes to teaching, I have also improved my skills of time management and intercultural communication. I would definitely recommend the internship to my friends (and I've already done so!) as by teaching Czech people foreign languages one gets a great opportunity to improve their skills and, at the same time, enjoy their time in the wonderful city of Prague. "


University of Cantabria, Spain

"Prague has given me the opportunity to widen my career options and practice what I love the most: Teaching. This internship in Prague gave me the chance to meet new people, share my culture, and get to know historical places.This internship in Prague has helped me realize how much I have to learn, but also, how useful I can be with the knowledge I have. This internship has allowed me to take part in new challenges and adventures outside of my comfort zone. Prague has become the city where I can see I bright future in my teaching career."


Teacher - English and Spanish

"I just began with my internship but I can see that my teaching habilities are improving lesson by lesson. I really enjoy teaching Spanish and it is amazing to see how your students are beginning to speak and understand Spanish language. I recommend this internship to my friends because you can gain a valuable experience for your CV and for your future career. Also, the Educa Languages team is extremely friendly and nice and they try to help you in all the stituations"