The First Intern. Ksenija's Story


It is quite funny, actually that I have started in Educa-Languages as an intern and I was one of the first interns - says Ksenija - and that now I am being interviewed for Educa-Languages by Educa-Languages as an ex-intern and a current employee!

I remember my thrill and determination of finding some teaching internship abroad, as I really needed to have my last internship and combine with writing the final thesis as it had to be connected with the internship itself! And to be honest I just really wanted to go abroad, to do Erasmus+ again but I did not expect that it would be...again the Czech Republic! I simply wrote to every possible place that was offering internships on and Lenka has answered me within fourty minutes! I thought it was my destiny, I studied in Olomouc and now I will work in Prague and live together with my boyfriend who I had met in the Czech Republic on Erasmus+ studies. 

I asked Lenka on my first Skype interview if I could be placed at some school, as it was a requirement from the university and at the end, I was astonished of my achievements! I had interned in a primary school EDUCAnet for a month, then I had been offered to continue my internship in a language school ICJ where I gave English lessons to young adults and I also gave lessons of Russian (for the first time!) to individuals at Educa-Languages. I gained a lot of different experience in a very short period! I still continue teaching Russian and I really love it, even though I have never thought of it before!

I really loved Prague and my boyfriend and I decided to stay longer, to work, to travel and to discover Prague and the Czech Republic...and somehow we continued meeting each other, we stayed in touch and after working for one corporate language school in Prague Lenka offered me a job. I started slowly, as a project coordinator and now I do so many things! I am very happy that I found this internship... or did the internship find me? J I can definitely recommend coming to Prague and starting your career path at Educa-Languages, you will love it!"